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Episode 3: Climbing to a New Life

Tonight’s episode, “Climbing to a New Life,” features the husband and wife team of Drew & Sarah Hulsey. They are a newly married couple but share an obsession beyond one for each other. They have a climbing gym in their garage and an old van they converted for camping, named Phannie the Vanny. They have an influential Instagram account all about rock climbing and a growing podcast focused on the outdoors. Their journey into the climbing and outdoor world is unique; one-part weight loss, one-part wilderness passion, and one-part fierce advocacy for body positivity and changing the narrative about what an outdoor person should look like. I think you’ll be inspired by this conversation. So let’s get started.

Episode 2 – Part 2: The Impact of Uruguay and Cuba on Two Master Musicians

The Impact of Uruguay and Cuba on Two Master Musicians.

Welcome to Episode 2, The Impact of Uruguay, and Cuba on Two Master Musicians.

In part two, we hear all about Ron de la Vega teaching Eddie Van Halen to play the Cello. We talk South American, Cuban and American politics and a “musician’s place” in speaking out. We hear about who inspired these two virtuosic musicians and get their advice for young, up-and-coming players. We also hear a lot more live music from pianist Enrique de Boni and bassist and cellist, Ron de la Vega.